Courses related to the operation and use of programs available online.

FM-Web Introduction

This course is designed for the new FM-Web user who is about to begin using FM-Web and topics include logging onto FM-Web, basic navigation, selection criteria and tracking your vehicle.


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FM-Web Intermediate

This course offers the FM-Web user an excellent series of demonstrations and interactions which will enable them to use the features offered on the live system during their daily fleet operations, whether that be managing a fleet or operating a call center supporting fleet operations.

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MiX Insight Reports

This course is designed to deliver not only a fun way of learning about Insight reports but to present information on who might use the various reports along with practical instruction on how to generate Insight reports.

MiX Rovi 1 - User Guide

This course was designed as a study guide primarily for the MiX Rovi 1 user, typically those who will be driving a vehicle with a MiX Rovi 1 installed.

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