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At MiX Telematics we take your privacy very seriously. In order to provide access to the MiX Learning Center we must collect and store some personal information about you. This privacy policy explains when and why we collect personal information about people who visit our website, how we use it, the conditions under which we may disclose it to others and how we keep it secure.

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This policy was updated on 26 January 2022 by James Hamilton: applied minimisation for unnecessary data previously collected, added Protection of Information legislative requirements, updated data retention policy, updated password policy.

Who can I contact? 

The data protection officer for MiX Learning Center is James Hamilton who may be contacted using the Information Officer contact form on your profile.

Any questions regarding this Policy  and our privacy practices should  be sent by email to or by writing to the MLC Privacy Officer,  MiX Telematics, Blaauklip  Office Park 2, Stellenbosch, 7600, South Africa. Alternatively, you can telephone +27 (0)21 880-5670 during office hours in South Africa . 


Children under 16 years of  age are not permitted to access the services provided by  the MiX Telematics Learning Centre (usually abbreviated to MLC)By agreeing to this privacy policy, you are also agreeing that you are 16 years of age or older. 

What is collected? 

We collect information from you on the MLC website which is accessible from the URL:  

The information collected includes your: 

  • personal information such as your name, contact details and, if you provide this, the details of your current employer;

  • usage of the MLC website such as the activities, resources, users and courses you interact with; 

  • course completion information, which may include grades for activities that you may or may not submit;   

  • record of attendance or non-attendance of courses that require personal interactive contact sessions;

  • Some information collected about your use of site is automated, such as calculating your grade for a course or which IP address is used to access an activity or resource on the site, or to process you information for a legitimate (and legal) purpose. 

How is this information used? 

The information collected on the MiX Learning Centre is primarily used to provide you with access to the courses and content hosted on the site for which you are eligible to access, but may also be used to: 

  • contact you about important updates  to the website itself (including this privacy policy) and any course updates which we deem appropriate for dissemination; 

  •  inform you of contributions to community discussions and forums; 

  • carry out any contractual obligations arising from you or your employer's relationship with MiX Telematics to which you have consented; 

  • maintain training records, usually with OpenBadge technology, for compliance, regulatory or auditing purposes;

  • personalize your user experience on the website or any communications to you 

  • gather statistical information about the usage of this site to improve  the site and  services we provided on the MiX Learning Centre website . 

Who is my data shared with? 

Your information is not sold or rented to third-parties outside of MiX Telematics, but we may be obliged to provide your information to: 

  • your employer, arising out of your employer's contractual relationship with  MiX Telematics to which you have consented; 

  • aemployee of  MiX Telematics, or any of its subsidiaries for legitimate purpose to provide you or your employer with a service arising out of a contractual obligation with MiX Telematics; 

How long is my data stored? 

  • Your personal course information, such as activity completion grades etc, are stored for three years after your unenrolment from a course or a course is closed, whichever comes first. Once this time is elapsed the information is anonymized and used for statistical and research purposes.

  • Any badges you earn on MLC are never deleted to allow for their authentication in future. The personal information stored in badges is encrypted and is independent from your MLC profile.

  • After a period of three years inactivity on MLC we will e-mail you and allow you an opportunity to retain your profile, submit an information request, or delete your account. If we don't hear back from you within two weeks of this notification your profile will be deleted.

  • You can download all your data stored on this website from your profile page. You will also be able to delete your profile, unless you are a MiX Telematics employee (this is an irreversible action and all your data will be lost, including completion and badge hashes).

How is my information kept secure and where is it kept? 

  • MiX Learning Centre's data and the web-server that serves the site is in Germany, hosted in secure data center by our upstream hosting providers.

  • MiX Telematics has put in place contractual agreements that safeguard your privacy and data protection rights with these providers.

  • It may be necessary to move or transfer your data into or out of the European Economic Area and South Africa to provide the services described above or to share your information to a party with a legitimate interest.

  • You are required to change your MLC password every three months for secrity and data protection legislation purposes. We will remind you to do this two weeks before it expires.

  • We strive to provide and maintain your data on a secure platform in line with industry related standards to safeguard your data. We conduct regular security and compliance audits and regularly update the software used to provide you with a service on this website.

How do I withdraw my consent for MiX Learning Center ? 

If you have previously consented to allow MiX Learning Center to store and process your personal data in accordance with this privacy policy, and you wish to withdraw your consent, you can do so from the policy and agreements section on your MLC profile . You will no longer be able to access the services provided by MiX Telematics Learning Centre.

How do I request that my personal data is corrected or erased? 

You may make corrections to your basic profile information by logging into  and editing your own profile. If you have questions, or would like any other data to be corrected or erased, you can submit a request to the data protection officer from your user profile page.


So that MLC can focus on what we do best, we partner with third parties who we believe are the best in their field. When we do this, sometimes it is necessary for us to share your data with third parties in order to provide you with a seamless MLC experience. Your data is shared only when the third party is as committed to protecting your privacy as we are and only when strictly necessary.

Full policy

This policy was updated on 27 Jan 2022 by James Hamilton: Added Moodle HQ and Titus Learning.

Here are the details of our third-party service providers, what data they process on our behalf and why we need to share some of your data with them (and in some cases information about you that they share with us) to provide you with our service:

  • Aosis

This is our upstream hosting provider. They have access to your data for ad-hoc diagnostic purposes and to assist us by keeping this site up and stable as we share knowledge across the globe. You can read more about how this third party protects your privacy here.

  • Microsoft

To make logging in to MLC as easy as possible, we provide students with the ability to login to our site using their credentials from their Microsoft Account. Only those students that make use of this feature are affected. You can read more about how this provider protects your privacy here.

  • Moodle HQ

The MLC app is provided by an industry leader in Lerning management systems. Moodle HQ staff cannot access any of your imformation. To provide notifications on your device a tool called "Airnotifier" is used by the app. You can read more about how this provider protects your privacy here.

  • Titus UK

Only Users that are participating in the skillsXchange programme may have their data processed for testing purposes, to which you have concented to. You can read how this organisation protects your data here, and what thier policy is on protecting your personal information.

If you have questions about these third party processors and our relationship with them, you can contact the MLC data protection team at 


At MiX Telematics, we are committed to safeguarding the privacy of our website visitors. We abide by the GDPR, Data Protection Act and POPIA to protect information about our clients. By using the MLC website, you consent to the collection and use of information collected via cookies by MiX Telematics.

Full policy

This policy was last updated on 27 January 2022 by James Hamilton. The following changes were committed: implemented plain language policy, added references to the DPA, POPIA, added email pixeltracking, removed Google Adwords, added Capacha, added font-awesome.

How we use Cookies

A 'cookie' is data that helps to know who you are the internet, including on this site. Not all 'cookies' are bad, like ours.

We only want to know your "fingerprint" for the following reasons:

  1. To keep you logged in. If you den our persistant login cookie, you will need to login every page load and will return to your dashboard. So, pretty important you allow this cookie. It's ideentifiable by is name: MoodleSessionMIX2.

  2. Using the same 'cookie' we collect information about how you use the website, and which pages kept you attentive so we can improve all the time to make your experience here awesome. They also help us fix erorrs and bugs, nasty things those.


Emails generated by the website automatically are not tracked in any way at all. However, mail sent as an announcement using a relay service to distributre emails may contain what's called 'pixel tracking'. This pixel tells the relay service who opened the email, when and where they went after clicking a link.

IP Tracking

We use Font Aweome, Google Fonts and Google Capacha. None of these services collect anything more than your IP address for the duration it takes your browser to download the fonts we use and when you sign-up for MLC.

You can find out more about cookies and how to disable cookies at