Regional Contacts

The responsible person for MLC in each RSO is listed below - you're able to message these contacts by clicking their name. If you are experiencing technical difficulties with a course and require technical support or if you require MLC permissions please use the MLC support tool.

Support is only provided to the person requiring it, please do not request support for a third party (i.e.on behalf of someone else).

MiX Telematics Region Responsible Person
RSO Training Administrator: Simbulele Mtshotane |  (for service requests contact
MiX Employees: Evania Naidoo
Middle East
RSO Training Administrator: Lucinda Carnie
MiX Employees: Lucinda Carnie
RSO Training Administrator: Quintin Pelser
MiX Employees: Scott Stevens | Lucinda Carnie
Europe RSO Training Administrator: Alan Trott
MiX Employees: Sonia Dixon
Brazil RSO Training Administrator: Alexandre Fagundes
MiX Employees: Guiomar Taboas
North America
Russell Da Silva
MiX Employees: Wendy Lemenze
International (CSO)
James Hamilton
MiX Employees: Porsche Cloete

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