Course Enrollment FAQ
What is Enrollment?

Once you have an MLC profile (and it's approved by an administrator) you will need to enroll into our courses. Enrollment is the process of marking a user as a participant in a course, in other words assigning them a role such as 'student'. Some courses allow you to enroll yourself and others require vetting by the facilitator or you could be enrolled automatically.

I'm a customer or channel partner,  and want to learn right away!

Many of our courses, if not most, are self-enrollment with open access. This means that once an MLC user is logged in they can enroll themselves in to a course, provided that your profile is accurate. Simply search for the course you wish to enroll for, click the course title and then click the 'enroll' button. Lookout for this icon for Open Access Self-Enrollment courses: Self enrollment

What is an enrollment key? "Open Sesame" didn't work.

Some of our courses are closed access self-enrollment but you could enroll for them if you have the correct course key. A vetting or accreditation process needs to take place before you can enroll for these courses course. Read the course summary for details about what is required to enroll and, if you are eligible to take the course, contact a course facilitator for an enrollment key. Lookout for this icon for Closed Access Self-Enrollment courses: Self enrollment

I'm a MiX Telematics staff member, where are my courses?

Courses set up for a specific audience may use the cohort-sync method to enroll users into courses. For example, many of these courses are setup for MiX employees and a user needs to be a member of the cohort (usually there is a regional, cohort for a specific user type, like "staff from Africa") before they will be automatically enrolled the course. Most of the compliance courses use this method. Contact your regional HR administrator or training department if you are eager to start learning and you aren't in your region's cohort yet.

I need to talk to someone about enrollment in a course. Help!

Your first port of call is a course facilitator - they know which users should be enrolled in their courses and which enrollment method is used. Once you've logged in to MLC search for the course you wish to enroll for and click facilitator's name in the course listing to send them a message.

You could also reach out to your channel partner or log a service request with your regional help-desk. If you're a MiX employee contact your regional HR or training department.

Where do I find technical support?

If the course facilitator can't assist you and you have a non-enrollment, technical query about MLC please use the support tool in the bottom right of all MLC pages. Please note, technical assistance will only be given to the individual that requires it and will never be provided to third parties requesting it on someone else's behalf due to privacy regulations and laws.
Last modified: Wednesday, 7 August 2019, 11:20 AM